Responder Guide

Thanks for your interest in being a Responder! Here are the steps to responding.

1. Sign up

You can do this now (click here), or you can do this after you've read this guide.

2. E-mail Alert

You will receive an e-mail when there is a note is added within five blocks of your address. The e-mail looks something like this:

3. Reply

If you can respond to the alert, reply directly to that e-mail with a one-line blurb -- something like: "I'm on my way with a coat."

4. First Responder

If you are the first responder, Nestless will tell you so, like this:

You will receive additional e-mails when other Responders reply to the alert e-mail.

5. Next Responders

If you're not the first responder, Nestless will tell you -- and then give you all the repies the previous responders have posted, like this:

So for example, you might reply: "Coming with a blanket." But a previous responder might've already posted: "Going there with a blanket now." So in that case you should respond: "Nevermind! Someone already did it!" This way, we won't double up on services.

6. To the streets

Take food, blankets or clothing to the homeless person, at your discretion. But only do what you feel safe and comfortable doing.

7. Location

Nestless tries to give you the best estimation of where the homeless person might be. However, there are many factors that prevent the location from being perfect.

First, people move around. So if there's a report of someone walking, it may be tough to fine them. Secondly, GPS is not always perfect.

So we recommend that you start from the address we sent you and spiral out from that location. If you don't find the person within reasonable time, they likely moved on.