Here's how Nestless works.
So imagine you're walking home from work. It's freezing outside -- and that's when you see the homeless guy. (And he's freezing, too!)
You want to do something, beyond giving money. But you don't have a spare coat because you're 30 minutes from home.
But you have Nestless! You tap "Add Note" and enter basic info about the homeless guy in need.
It takes less than 20 seconds to assess their needs and input the data.
And once you hit submit, that data -- along with your GPS location -- is sent to Nestless.
Then Nestless alerts every 'Responder' within a five-block radius of the alert. (I'll explain how to become a Responder later.)
So Responder Joe, who is sitting at home, gets an e-mail with the location and data from the alert.
So he grabs an old blanket and sandwich. Then he walks three blocks to help the homeless neighbor.
But then Joe realizes he could help the homeless neighbor more if he directs him to the nearest shelter.
So he opens Nestless and taps the "Resource" button. Using his phone's GPS, it lists the nearest shelters, soup kitchens and other resources.
Ah, but what about you? After all, you send an alert, you'll get an update on the situation via e-mail.
But you also want to be a Responder? First read this guide...
... and then if you're cool with it, click here and sign up!
Nestless is about helping each other care about our neighbors in need. Thanks for reading.

Still have question?

Did you read through the comic? Yes? OK, good.

What is this?
Nestless is a project that empowers you to help your homeless neighbors. The mobile app lets you alert local neighbors that there's a homeless person in need.

But how do those neighbors know?
They sign up right here. When an alert is send, we e-mail them.

How do I know what the homeless person needs?
Talk to them! If you can't for any reason, try to make your best guess at what they need.

How do I get this app?
It's in the testing phase now. E-mail to join the test.

Do I need a smartphone?
To Add a Report, yes. But to be a Responder, no.

What else should I know?
Be safe. Be compassionate.

Can I ask questions?
Yes. E-mail

A project by Alvin Chang wholesale.